How to Build An Awesome Medium Publication in 2024

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A Detailed Step-by-Step Guide with Screen Shots You Can Easily Follow!

This Detailed Step-by-Step Guide on How to Build an Awesome Medium Publication was created as a way of encouraging new members to create their own publications.

Readers get 35 pages, packed full of useful information, and NO FLUFF. The pages and Table of Contents offer interactive navigational links, to help readers successfully maneuver through the material, whenever they’re actually ready to start building their publication.

This will allow you to zero in on the specific sections that you’re working on, even if you need to stop for a while, but then return to what you were doing.

After reading and digesting this information, readers will be ready to start implementing the easy to follow steps and screen shots in no time.

Before you know it, your brand new Medium publication will be up and running!

As an extra added advantage, all members are invited to reach out to me on on the platform, so you can have a friend of Medium, help support you in every way possible.

I’ll even weigh in on the status and progress of your new publication, and provide any assistance you might require.


  • I'm the Editor of 6 different Medium publications that I built
  • I'm a prolific Medium writer with 1400 stories published
  • I'm a devoted and loyal Friend of Medium who shows up regularly
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A 35 page .PDF packed full of useful information, and NO FLUFF, written by a longtime member and editor/owner of 6 different Medium publications.

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How to Build An Awesome Medium Publication in 2024

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I want this!